Intimate Landscapes


I am busy. I’m caught up in a contemporary life of work, faxes, cell phones, computers. To get away from my busyness, I walk: in my neighborhood, on trails by creeks and, when possible, in the woods. As I walk and photograph, I feel myself reestablish my center, connect to my source.

I’m not interested in photographing vast landscapes. Rather I’m looking for a more intimate experience of nature, small pockets of beauty that touch me and provide spiritual nourishment. I look for order in what seems random, for mystery in the commonplace.

For me, transcendence comes in small doses. Spiritual experience occurs every day, in glimpses here and there that remind me that I am part of a greater whole. I see these visual epiphanies not as intimations of Heaven but as evidence of Heaven itself among us.



Phyllis Finley © 2006 all rights reserved